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Always Inspired With Whimsy Press

I cannot get over the new line of green products at Whimsy Press!

Butterfly 100% Recycled

Mod Floral 100% Recycled

Mum's The Word 30% Recycled

Proud Peacock 100% Recycled

Earth's BFF Recycled Journals

Wildflowers Recycled Notecards

Green Is In Recycled Tote

I also love their other products, like this stunning wedding gift wrap:

Love Is Lovely

Indeed!  I fell in love with these bookplates:

Haiku Bookplates

As a notorious lender of books, I simply MUST have these.  I will strive to always have whimsy in my life & Whimsy Press on this blog!!!


May 27, 2010 at 5:26 pm 2 comments

Thankful for Whimsy

Thank you Donna & the wonderful folks at Whimsy Press for sending me this kick-ass bag:

(Please focus on the awesomeness of the bag & NOT the hideousness of our rental apartment kitchen!)  This bag is even cuter in person.  Look at the other side:

It’s big enough to carry a lot of groceries & cute enough to make you feel good while spending way too much money at Whole Foods.  I love it sooooo much.  Have a great day!


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Happy Earth Day!

I hope you all take the time to do something for our beautiful Mother Earth today.  Let’s keep her beautiful & healthy for our future generations.  Cheers!

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Green Whimsy

First of all, let me say that last night’s event at Jayson Home & Garden was AWESOME.  I saw several of the treasures I’ve posted from that store in person & they are even more gorgeous up close!  I’ll post pictures we took at the event tomorrow & leave them up over the weekend.  If you are in the city this weekend-you HAVE to go. 

And now, back to business.  Yesterday I received an email from Whimsy Press about their new line of recycled tote bags.  These bags are  made from recycled cotton and old soda bottles, which is just cool.  Even cooler, however, is the killer graphics the bags feature:

I heart that last graphic so very much.  And since I can’t visit Whimsy without ogling the gift wrap:

This stunning Blue Bird gift wrap is on FSC certified paper & contains 30% post-consumer fiber.  Neat!  Anyway, I hope you have a happy Friday. 

April 18, 2008 at 3:18 pm 2 comments

Erin Ruth Wrap

I love when I find something that just makes my heart sing.  Today, I found gorgeous gift wrap from Erin Ruth while browsing Etsy.  A few minutes later, I saw this post on the fantastic Design for Mankind blog.  Weird.  Anyway, this is some very pretty paper:

Erin Ruth-Jacqueline Gift Wrap

How much do I heart that green Felicity Gift Wrap?  Too, too much!  More of my favorite Erin Ruth picks are after the jump.


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Russell Johnson Imports

Last August, I did a post about the Sundance Catalog & featured a recycled Seltzer bottle lamp:


A few weeks ago, the company who imports these lamps contacted me.  Today, I would love to finally showcase some of the wonderful products I found browsing the Russell Johnson Imports site.  There are interesting vintage apothecary jars:

Russell Johnson Imports-Apothecary Jars

Russell Johnson Imports-Apothecary Jars2

Wonderful vintage telephones:

Russell Johnson Imports-EricoFon

Russell Johnson Imports-BlackPhone

Russell Johnson Imports-Orange Phone

How sweet is that orange phone?  LOVE!  And of course, there are the Seltzer bottles:

Russell Johnson Imports-Blue Seltzer Bottle  Russell Johnson Imports-Violet Seltzer Bottle

Russell Johnson Imports-Pendant Seltzer Lamps

I hope you enjoy Russell Johnson Imports, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

April 3, 2008 at 7:05 pm 4 comments

Big Daddy Seashell Gets Crafty

Since we have 8 nieces & nephews in the family, Christmas gets to be a little difficult for Casey & I.  We can’t afford to buy the kids a lot of presents & have to be able to ship some of them in a cost-effective manner.  This year we decided to get crafty!  I was inspired by this project from A Little Hut.  Here’s how our adaptation of this great idea turned out using each child’s initial:

Craft Project 1

Here’s a close-up of one of the letters:

Craft Project CloseUp

I was really pleased with the way they turned out.  If you’d like to try making them, here’s how it went down:

1. I cut out strips from magazines and catalogs for one set & for the set you see above I used a calendar with pictures of antique maps. 

2. Glue the strips on an 8×10″ piece of white poster-board with a little space in between each one.

3. After the strips dry, paint on a coating of Modge Podge.

3. Print each letter in the size & font you prefer on regular paper.  We used the master of all fonts, Helvetica (it seemed easiest to cut out-less curves!). 

4. Using the printed letter as a guide, cut out the shape of the letter using an exacto knife from another piece of 8×10 poster-board.

5. Put the cut-out letter on top of the glued paper strips poster-board.

6. Frame them & you’re done!

Altogether, this project is affordable, easy, & was fun to put together.  Maybe I’m not a complete craft slacker after all!

February 12, 2008 at 9:15 pm 3 comments

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