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Always Inspired With Whimsy Press

I cannot get over the new line of green products at Whimsy Press!

Butterfly 100% Recycled

Mod Floral 100% Recycled

Mum's The Word 30% Recycled

Proud Peacock 100% Recycled

Earth's BFF Recycled Journals

Wildflowers Recycled Notecards

Green Is In Recycled Tote

I also love their other products, like this stunning wedding gift wrap:

Love Is Lovely

Indeed!  I fell in love with these bookplates:

Haiku Bookplates

As a notorious lender of books, I simply MUST have these.  I will strive to always have whimsy in my life & Whimsy Press on this blog!!!


May 27, 2010 at 5:26 pm 2 comments

We’ve Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden…

Of course, I mean my favorite store in the world: Jayson Home & Garden!!!  I stopped by my beloved shop with my visiting Mom & my husband in tow & both were amazed by all the beautiful things.  Here’s just a sample of my favorites:

Amalfi Sofa

Phillipe Dining Table

Faulkner Chest

That Faulkner chest is astonishing in person.  It has the lovely, faded shimmer of a formerly gleaming piece of furniture that has seen many days & could tell a roaring story. I love pieces like that!   (more…)

May 24, 2010 at 7:07 pm 3 comments


After a ridiculously long hiatus, I’m happy to announce that Big Daddy Seashell is again open for business!!!  I can’t wait to post in the coming weeks all the wonderful things I’ve been inspired by, loved, hated & experienced since I last posted over a YEAR ago.  I hope I haven’t alienated all my readers by my lack of new material & I hope you all will enjoy what’s to come!

Slightly blurry photo of the beautiful ceiling medallion at the John G. Shedd Aquarium!

May 20, 2010 at 9:39 pm 1 comment

Let The Sunshine In…PLEASE!

Let me begin this by saying that I love winter.  I love the first big snowfall of the season when even in the city, there’s a hush, the silence of snow.  I love when everything is covered in layers of white & the snow shimmers in the sunlight.  I even enjoy being bundled up in the brisk air & coming home to snuggle on the couch under blankets with a hot mug of tea in my hands while a classic film flickers on the TV. 

What I do not like, however, is the endless winter we are having in Chicago.  ARRRRGGGHHHH!  Even I, winter-lover, am getting tired of it.  This girl needs sunshine, green grass, spring flowers & leaves on the trees.  Sooner rather than later Mother Nature!  Today while trudging to the train I heard several different birds chirping.  It seemed like they were bound and determined to force spring upon us.  Thank you birdies!  You rock.

I think that’s enough whining for one day.  Let’s cheer up our winter blahs with bursts of sunshine yellow!

Fawn Lamp Base-Urban Outfitters

This adorable lamp base is from Urban Outfitters.  Actually, everything today is from Urban because they have a fabulous shop by color feature.  Love that. 

Little Blossom Painted Lantern-Urban Outfitters

Graphic Bowls-Urban Outfitters

This bowl is too cute.  I had envisioned a yellow-themed post while walking to the train this morning & when I saw this blog post at perfectbound, I knew I had the right idea!

(more rays of sunshine after the jump!)


February 27, 2008 at 4:36 pm 2 comments

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How about some red & pink products from Urban Outfitters for this Greeting-Card-Company-Created holiday that I secretly love?

Antoinette Fainting Sofa-Urban Outfitters

Neon Jasmine Rug-Urban Outfitters

Deco Tree Decal-Urban Outfitters

(More after the jump.)


February 14, 2008 at 8:17 pm 1 comment

Dreaming In Black & White

Usually, I am lucky enough to dream in full outrageous technicolor.  But last night was one of those rare nights when I was thrust into a black & white dream scape.  These stunning pieces of hand-thrown porcelain clay from the KristenKSwanson Etsy shop would have fit right into my night visions:

KristenKSwanson-Porcelain Bowl


KristenKSwanson-Porcelain Bowl Blossoms

(More of this lovely stuff after the jump.)


February 11, 2008 at 8:20 pm Leave a comment

Lorena Barrezueta on Etsy?

Where have I been?  I can’t believe I didn’t know that Lorena Barrezueta has an Etsy shop!  I have been in love with her unique ceramic products since I saw a clip about them on TV.  (When & on which channel, I have no clue.)  Her etsy shop is full of pieces that have slight imperfections, or products testing a new glaze, or are just lovely surprises.  I love them all:

Lorena Barrezueta-Classic Take Out

Lorena Barrezueta-Square Meal

Lorena Barrazueta-Swig

I love the pretty greens & blues.  I am also in deep smit with this idea of taking something mundane & ordinary to a new, beautiful & sustainable place.  Very, very cool!

January 30, 2008 at 5:43 pm Leave a comment

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