Pillow Talk…..& More

February 6, 2008 at 6:12 pm Leave a comment

I’m on the fence about throw pillows.  I think people have a tendency to use too many & it makes things look cluttered.  Have you seen beds where half the bed is covered in like thirty different kinds of pillows?  I don’t like that at all.  Too much work to get into bed for me.  I do however, like one or two show stopping pillows.  I am seriously in love with the pillows I found exploring around the Michele Varian online shop:

Michele Varion-UltraSuede Heron

Michele Varion-Suzani Floral

Michele Varion-Parasol

Michele Varion-Fern

I think this one is my FAVORITE:

Michele Varion-Bird with Tassles

If I had that pretty pillow, I would be sincerely tempted to set it on this chair:

Beatrice Chair-Jayson Home & Garden

That’s assuming I could afford said chair from Jayson Home & Garden!  Oh well.  I found a lot of other cute things from Michele Varian.  You can see them after the jump!

Michele Varion-Bird In The Hand

Michele Varion-Pewter Heart

I think these hearts are cool, if a little creepy.  Perfect gift for a heart surgeon or the anatomy freak in your life.  (Which who doesn’t have one of those?)

Michele Varion-Moose Salt & Pepper

I cannot tell you how much I love these Salt & Pepper shakers.  The town I grew up in, Wheatland WY, is close to the Sybille Canyon Wildlife Research Center.  Occasionally, when we’d drive by on the beautiful Sybille Canyon road, we could see moose grazing by the road.  One day, I stroked a young moose’s forehead & touched his antlers through the fence.  His antlers were covered in a velvety fur &  I could feel the vibration of his blood pumping through that soft covering.  I’ve always carried that moment with me & have had an appreciation for the noble moose ever since. 

Sorry about the side track down memory lane!  Here are some lamp shades that I thought were pretty cool:

Michele Varion-Woodpecker Shade

Michele Varion-Butterfly Shade

I think I’ve given you enough eye candy for one day.  Hope you have a terrific day.


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